Joe Looney gives a presentation on crypto collectibles at RAREAF 13, 2018.

Joe Looney (@wasthatawolf on twitter) is a true crypto-goods OG and I bothered him over Telegram to play an old- skool game of "21 Questions."

Scrilla: 1. Where does the surname Looney come from?

Joe: My father.

Scrilla: 2. What would you say is yer claim to fame in the Bitcoin space thus far?

Joe: Rare Pepe Wallet and Rare Pepes in general.

Scrilla: 3. Can u describe what a Rare Pepe is in a sentence or two?

Joe: Hmmm, meme inspired digital trading cards made scarce through the power of Bitcoin.

Scrilla: 4. What is something rare pepe contributed to in the crypto art space?

Joe: The crypto art concept itself.

Scrilla: 5. What is an unpopular opinion that you hold in this space?

Joe: i have a lot of those.

Joe: [sends]

Scrilla: 6. What’s yer favorite one?

Joe: Ethereum is a shit platform.

Scrilla: [sends]

Joe: Lol, [I] was trying to think of more eloquent way to say that.

Scrilla: 7. You have a new project called that is being tested out. Could you give us a brief explanation of what it is?

Joe: Freeport is a chrome extension that allows users to easily create cryptogoods (art, game items, etc.) using Bitcoin.

Scrilla: Can I use PayPal as well or just Bitcoin?

Joe: There's no Paypal integration in Freeport itself but I don't see any reason why a creator couldn't sell their cryptogoods via Paypal or any other means.

Oh wait, do you mean to create assets?

Scrilla: 8. Yea, I guess I mean, could I as a newb, could I go on Freeport and create an asset somehow using cash as a starting point?

Joe: The Easiest way as a newb would be to use Cash App to buy some Bitcoin and deposit into your Freeport collection address.

Joe: Have you tried Cash App?  Its actually pretty incredible.

Scrilla: Ya, I have like $50 in bitcoin on there.

Scrilla: 9. Would you say Freeport is to Bitcoin is like what metamask is to Ethereum?

Joe: Not really, its more like a website that lives in your browser for viewing and interacting with your cryptogoods collection.

The only permissions are for access to and

Scrilla: 10. What do you see as the most promising thing going forward for crypto art?

Joe: As in a project?

Scrilla: More like an industry or a niche maybe? A project works too.

Joe: The first thing I thought of was continued acceptance by non-crypto people is promising.

Scrilla: 11. Do you think crypto art engages an audience outside of crypto?

Joe: I think it does to some extent. Art is something people are into more than currency, as like a hobby.

Scrilla: 12. What’s the crypto art scene like in Rhode Island?

Joe: AFAIK it's just me and my friends that I've sent Rare Pepes to.

Scrilla: 13. Do yer Normie friends understand what Rare Pepe is?

Joe: I think they understand it enough.

Scrilla: 14. Do yer parents get it?

Joe: I think so.

Scrilla: 15. What’s next for Freeport?

Joe: Building in the decentralized exchange to facilitate trading cryptogoods is high on the list.

Scrilla: 16. What’s the term “bitcoin weird” mean to you?

Joe: Hmmm... it's like an internet club inside joke.

Scrilla: 17. What’s yer favorite current meme ?

Joe: [sends]

Scrilla: 18. What do you think of Yang's "Freedom Dividends" plan?

Joe: Could be a very interesting experiment.

Scrilla: 19. What crypto podcast do you listen to the most?

Joe: Probably Tales from the Crypt but I haven't been listening to podcasts lately, switched to books on Audible.

Scrilla: 20. Ok. What’s a jewel about life that you will teach yer kids that you can give to our readers?

Joe: Ask questions and don't be afraid to admit you don't understand something.

Scrilla: 21. Is Dr. Craig S. Wright actually Satoshi?

Joe: Probably not.