Right from the smooth jazzy opening of ‘21Million’, featuring Hotep Jesus and Crypto Blood opining on the black man’s lack of visibility in the crypto space, we’re reminded that the struggle is real and crypto is not so different from the world around us.

But far be it from an indictment of the crypto space, Sound Money is an album of hope that simultaneously acknowledges our very human flaws.

This album feels very much like the spiritual successor to Kanye West’s Yeezus album, that is, if it were spun in a particle accelerator with Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. An eclectic mix of hip hop and mellow jazzy notes collide with familiar crypto sound bites, awash in a tripped-out landscape that feels like taking an Ayahuasca trip with John McAfee.

The ethereal melancholy of the auspiciously titled ‘Sxtxshx Nxkxmxtx’ juxtaposed with internet pioneer Ted Nelson’s voice cleverly leads the listener down a winding path of clues to reveal the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto by way of Project Xanadu. Satoshi and Ted literally intertwined.

‘Dream of Empire’ is crunchy and melodic and includes an inspired sound bite of Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav to kick it off. Old school Hip Hop fans will recall the iconic clock he wore which is a not-so-subtle nod to the low time-preference discipline of Austrian Sound Money. Rome Streetz spits out the rhymes on this track rapping about the Silk Road and Ghetto dreams. Opendimes on gold chains is the logical conclusion for Generation ₿.

‘Faith in My Money (Money Printer Go Brrr)’ is the lead single off of Sound Money and boy is it a banger. The perfect intersection between music, art and internet memes, it’s the soundtrack of 2020 encapsulating the zeitgeist of the moment.

From ‘Choyna’ to ‘Dark Market’ to ‘Bullish’, Scrilla isn’t afraid to reveal the blemishes and unvarnished truth as he takes us for a ride down the mean streets of Crypto. The gleaming citadel may be an illusion, but a fistful of Tezzies can make you MAD GAINZ!

‘Not In Yer Wallet' sounds like Scrilla is channeling his inner André 3000 as he provides his spin on the cautionary tale of “not your keys, not your crypto”. The river of regrets is real and there’s a laptop with 50,000 bitcoins sitting somewhere in a landfill.

‘Peer2Peer’ closes out the album with a funkified beat that goes well with a snifter cognac under quarantine in the midst of a global pandemic.

In the end, Scrilla reassures us that everything’s going to be okay. Crypto is a journey, not a destination. Oh yeah… and BUY TEZOS!

Don’t forget to install that pimp Joe Looney’s Freeport.io extension to claim your SOUNDMONEY collectible token.