Late last year I released a project about Dr. Craig S. Wright called "I Wear Gucci." The project was a blockchain- infused audio and visual troll made up of several components, including a song release, "I Wear Gucci (My Name's Craig Wright,)" video with Emoji Nakamoto, rare digital art, Proof Of Work digital trophies and of course... shitposting.

The project wasn't intended to be a diss record- just a weird spaced-out, 80's themed deep dive into the conspiracy (that Emoji concocted lol) that Faketoshi was created in a lab using a bunson burner. Bitcoin Weird. Anyway, the shitposting crown jewel was to get the subject to engage in the troll and at first I thought I'd lost. I hadn't promoted it much myself. I hadn't tagged him in the video while promoting it, and I left the shitposting to others. I had hoped he'd get word from another and express himself in some epic rage or praise through his twitter feed. But, a few months went by and the project had not seemed to enter the Professor's space, or at least he wouldn't acknowledge it.

CSW 1. J Scrilla 0.

But, then... a few months later, I woke up and decided to tweet the video with the twitter accounts of @ProfFaustus (Craig's account at the time,) @FreeRoss- the official account of Ross Ulbright, and @wikileaks tagged to the tweet. The Satoshi's Vision advocate had recently wrote a medium post about how Bitcoin wasn't made for anything regulated and that it was intended to uphold the power of law and rule, not circumvent it. It wouldn't have really even hit my radar- as Craig puts out many articles through his medium page- but, through twitter somehow, I saw he took shots at Wikileaks and Ross Ulbright, in particular. So, after digging into the article, I sent this tweet...

Craig almost immediately dinged me back with a surprise reply, ":)"

I had won. The subject had taken the bait and the game was over. I could rest easy now.

Scrilla 1. CSW 0.

But, then a couple of weeks later the team decided it would be funny if we could get CrocodileSV to review the song, "I Wear Gucci" for Bitcoin Weird. So, I replied to his smiley face. It turned out I had reached him on a good day and he still hadn't blocked me for the video (The Professor seemingly had one of the longest Twitter "Block" Chains in existence) so we proceeded...

He thought the song was funny. Win. Win.

So, now that he was on the hook I'd figure I'd keep it going as long as I could...

I figured Will Smith's "Welcome To Miami" was going to be his answer but he went with some 500 year old jams and his hometown Australian boys, AC/DC.

Also, I don't know how to take "I got big balls" as a reply but I'll assume he's talking about an AC/DC song?

The whole conversation, I'm doing my best to assuage his ego. I was trying to reel in a big fish and I felt like I had to tread lightly before he pulled the Wilt Chamberlain on me.

How the hell is Craig not a drummer? The most alpha is always the drummer of the band, bruh.

I wonder if he hit the air piano after he pressed "send" on his laptop... on Halloween 2008.

I'm waiting patiently.

Never to be heard from again..

Dr. Craig S. Wright, CSW, Faketoshi, Satoshi, CrocodileSV, Lead Of Satoshi's Vision, and whatever else name he is known as to the public is currently off of Twitter. Some Bitcoin weird shit happened and he rage quit. When, and if he returns I will attempt to acquire said "air piano .gif"

I've also encapsulated this interview in a meme and Bitcoinized it using Freeport, the easy-to-use browser extension that our latest #BW21 guest, Joe Looney just launched. This badge- RARE CSW INTERVIEW- is a way to preserve the interview in a collectible way (since it's gone from twitter history now that CSW has deleted his account.) The first 21 people with over 100 Twitter followers that share this article (retweet or post,) follow our Twitter account @BitcoinWeird and send us your Freeport/XCP associated wallet address will receive the meme. This is not a perfect process and we will manually be doing the sends at Bitcoin Weird's own discretion. The meme holds no intrinsic value but is a way to show our appreciation to our early supporters and who knows, maybe collecting BW blockchain memes will become a thing.