Pepe in Space: Rare Digital Art Festival (RareAF2) presentation

Hello Pepe lovers, I’m Mike In Space, host of the groundbreaking, yet controversial, show Bitcoin Car Talk. I’m here to tell you about a monumental event that will forever change the way we look at rare art collectibles.

The first rare Pepe, and likely the first rare art collectible, was transmitted on February 27, 2019 by Blockstream satellite and received by a satellite dish on the west-coast of North America. Payment was made by John Villarz in Venezuela over the Bitcoin Lightning testnet and received by Blockstream engineer grubles. It took the form of an encrypted mnemonic seed to the PGP public key, broadcasted over blocksat and decrypted on the receiving end.

The rare Pepe itself, entitled Pimentoloaf, depicts attorney Jason Seibert eating a Pimentoloaf sandwich while conversing with me, Mike in Space. It’s a homage to the classic Bitcoin Car Talk episode from Season 1, Episode 6.

For those unfamiliar with Rare Pepe, it’s often touted as the first Rare art collectible backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain. Created by Nola78, it gained  mainstream appeal with the release of a non-native webapp called Rare Pepe Wallet, by Joseph Looney.

So if there’s a lesson in all this, I want every Pepe lover to know that you too can shoot for the stars.